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Slurry Retaining

Various store designs available

Panels between steel stub stanchions.
Our slurry stores are designed specifically to fit your site. 2438 and 3048mm high slurry walling square or rectangular shape using galvanised steel stub stanchions with panels spanning between stanchions with or without ramp down into store and straining box. Muck can be removed easily by loader, spreader, tanker or slurry guzzler.

Circular concrete tanks various diameters and depths are available, see our news page.

The vertical prestressed retaining wall primarily designed to retain slurry has steel angles cast in to the base of the wall panel to allow bolting down onto the strip foundation (patent pending), able to withstand wind loadings of 1.5KN/m² and therefore propping in the traditional way is not required, as shown below. Reinforcing is then placed around and through the panel so that the floor slab can be placed, the walling can retain slurry with or without earth backfill up to 3.15m deep.

Concrete sections are manufactured under efficient factory conditions using high quality materials. Daily concrete cube tests ensure reliable products. All systems are designed to BS 5502

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