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Precast Concrete Products

Hard wearing precast concrete and steel solutions for agricultural, commercial and construction.

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Precast Concrete

Pre cast concrete Water Troughs

Please see a list of products and services below that we offer to the Agricultural Industry.


Commercial Pre Cast Concrete

Please see a list of products and services below that we offer to the Commercial Industry.


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Feed troughs, Bridge planks, Security barriers, Bridge abutments, Caravan bases, SK8 board ramps.


Your Precast Concrete Providers

Welcome to PAGE – The best name in steel and concrete
For hard wearing precast concrete and steel solutions, PAGE Concrete and Steel Ltd is the company for you.
Whether you are in farming and agricultural business or managing a construction project, saving time on site is the key to saving money on your building project.

Working with a company with a proven track record in meeting client’s needs, creating innovative solutions and making sure your projects are completed on time and on budget is the only sure way to make your business more efficient and give you value for money.

Our range of precast concrete solutions includes Dirty Water Tanks, Free Standing Concrete Wall Panels, Grid Slats and Cubicles, Retaining Walls, Slurry Channels, Slurry Retaining, Stock Walling, Concrete Water Troughs, Circular Tanks and Cattle feed troughs. All of which can be delivered direct to you, for easy installation, saving you time and money.

Examples of our work

Fully reinforced Concrete Cattle Water Troughs

The fully reinforced Concrete Cattle Water Troughs are available in a range of different sizes allowing you to choose the option best suited to your farm’s needs.


Concrete Dirty Water Tanks

Dedicated to meeting your unique and individual needs The Dirty Water Tanks can also be manufactured to specific size requirements where standard sizes are not suitable


Precast Concrete Wall Panel

View the range of surplus precast wall panels that we have in stock, ready to start saving you time whilst simultaneously increasing your profitability.


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