Concrete Troughs

First class concrete troughs in Crediton

If you’re looking for concrete troughs in and around Crediton, you can rely on Page Concrete & Steel Ltd. Contact us today.

A variety of troughs

At Page Concrete & Steel Ltd, we make a variety of quality concrete troughs. Our water drinking troughs have built in service boxes. They also have drainage bungs cast in. Our jumbo and midi troughs come with galvanized metal service boxes. 

We offer cattle feeding troughs of three types-double feed troughs, single feed troughs and feed troughs against an existing wall. 
Commercial Concrete
Water drinking troughs

Water drinking troughs

  • Masseeve
  • Cubicle
  • Double 
  • Single
  • Jumbo
  • Midi
These troughs have built in service boxes, all troughs have drainage bungs cast in. Jumbo and Midi troughs come complete with galvanised metal service boxes.
Cattle feed troughs

Cattle feed troughs

Ensure your farm is sufficiently equipped to feed your livestock with our range of cattle feed troughs. Available in the following designs:
  • Double feed troughs
  • Single feed troughs 
  • Feed troughs against an existing wall
If you need concrete troughs that are well constructed and long-lasting, you can rely on Page Concrete & Steel Ltd. Our products include water drinking troughs and cattle feeding troughs. Get in touch with us today. 

Looking for water drinking troughs or cattle feeding troughs? If you’re in Crediton, call:

01363 772 815

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