Concrete Tanks

Secure concrete tanks in Crediton 

If you’re looking for well-constructed concrete tanks in Crediton and across South Wales, look no further. Page Concrete & Steel Ltd provides a choice of quality concrete tanks. Contact us today. 

Personalised to your needs. 

At Page Concrete & Steel Ltd, we can make tanks that are personalised to your needs. The tanks we make include dirty water tanks and circular concrete tanks. We can supply the circular water tanks with reinforced concrete covers. These can be used for various loadings and can be fitted with a lockable access manhole, if needed. The concrete sections are made using high quality materials under efficient factory conditions. To ensure reliable products, we conduct daily concrete tube tests. All our systems are designed to BS 5502.

Our circular concrete tanks come in various sizes and can be used above and below ground. The panels are bolted down to the foundation slab to help installation. 

Concrete troughs
Concrete water tanks

Concrete water tanks

Dirty water tanks are available in any size and can be can be cast into wall units to produce settlement tanks or to make two tanks into one. Tanks can be supplied with reinforced concrete covers for various loadings with lockable access manhole if required. 
Concrete water tanks

Circular concrete tanks

Our circular concrete tanks are suitable for above and below ground level and are also available in a range of sizes. Panels come with cast in feet which are bolted down to foundation slab to aid installation.
Page Concrete & Steel Ltd can construct and supply a choice of well-constructed concrete tanks in and around Crediton. Call us today. 

For concrete tanks in Crediton and across South Wales, call: 

01363 772 815

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