Commercial Concrete

Top class concrete flooring in Crediton 

If you need fist class concrete flooring, walls, stair cases and landings for your building project in Crediton and South Wales, you can rely on Page Concrete & Steel Ltd.

Durable concrete solutions

Are you constructing a new building and require solid concrete products? From new staircases and landings, to concrete wall partitions, no matter what your project is, Page Concrete & Steel Ltd have the right products for you. Over the years we have developed a reputation for the quality of our products and the reliability of our service. For a detailed quote of our products and services, contact our friendly team today.
Flooring planks

Flooring planks

Our flooring planks are compliant with the building regulations on sound insulation. We provide cast in lifting anchors that facilitate quick and easy site installation. For spans, loadings and price delivered to your area please contact Sales at Page Concrete & Steel Ltd.
Staircases and landings

Staircases and landings

  • Steel moulds used
  • Improved quality of stairs
  • Constructed to the client’s dimensions
  • Reinforced as designed by an engineer
  • AutoCAD drawings accepted
  • Supported by the precast concrete landing
Building wall panels

Building wall panels

Our concrete building wall panels are available in a range of dimensions and provide a high level of security, protection and energy efficiency with no surface or interstitial condensation. Panels can be customized with door cut outs to suit requirements
You can rely on Page Concrete & Steel Ltd for quality commercial concrete, including concrete flooring and concrete stairs. We offer our services in and around Crediton. Call us today. 

Planning to build concrete stairs in your property? If you’re in Crediton, call:

01363 772 815

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